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Classic Punk Metal Band ‘The Ramones’ Share their Mattress Preference

uponamattressRockstars have a very hectic lifestyle, and they rarely get enough sleep before their next tour or show. This kind of lifestyle is no different when it comes to the legendary punk rock band The Ramones. They don’t have the luxury to miss any time to sleep because they are always on the road to entertain fans and sing their songs to the world. Having a very hectic schedule may lead a band to create a song called “I wanna be sedated” because they don’t have enough sleep. Members of The Ramones are also saying that what helps them sleep is a good choice of mattress for their hotel rooms when they tour. Each person has their preference of mattresses, and it’s important that you know what type of mattress is good for you.

Identifying the different types of Mattresses

Memory Foam

Memory foams date back to the early 1970’s when NASA decided to make foam that they can use for their space programs. It wasn’t long enough before the medical world saw the benefits that memory foams provide. They noticed that these foams can work well even when it’s under pressure and that it can react to different temperatures fairly well. Because physicians believed that memory foams are good for back problems, they recommended it to their patients.

Memory foams are a good choice because it molds itself to the shape of a person’s body. This can provide great comfort and support for a person while they sleep. These foams also have a warm sensation that create that cozy feeling that’s important for people to get a good sleep.


This material proved to be useful for bed makers because it allows the mattress to get the mold of a person’s body and provide the ultimate support. This characteristic gives the person a very good comfort level while sleeping. This material, when combined with a good spring and support system can support two people with different weights and make sure they both sleep well.

Latex material proves to be cooler than memory foams, and most of them are hypo-allergenic. People with asthma and any other kinds of allergy can make use of this foam more because it limits bacteria growth, dust mites and fungi.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Each coil is wrapped in a cloth sleeve that can hold the spring at the best amount of tension that allows them to move independently. Because of this technology, each coil will respond to every movement that a person makes during their sleep. Spring mattresses have different counts of springs depending on the manufacturer. You will have a wide choice of spring mattresses that will fit your needs.

The number or springs on a spring mattress is usually indicated on the label. The number of springs on a mattress needs to be accepted in the bedding industry before it is produced. Some people can even have their mattresses customized to how many springs they want it to be there.