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Style and Function: Shoes that Meet a Punk’s Standards

Since its birth in the early 1970s, punk culture had gone through many different phases of its evolution. From Old School crust punks to skater punks with a board in their hand, the subcultures of punk vary in their style and approach, least of all their musical tastes. With so many subcultures, it can be tricky to find just the right shoe to match a punk’s particular aesthetic. However, choosing the right shoe, either for yourself or a friend, needn’t be any more difficult than keeping a few considerations in mind. The first is simplicity.

Most punks prefer simple over complicated styles of clothing. Even if they end up adding their own studs or a pattern swatch to the piece for flare, simplicity carries the day. Second, punks often choose functional shoes that make a political statement. A girl punk might choose a low-cost model from the best walking shoes for women or a new school punk might choose shoes that are comfortable to skate in. Here are 5 shoes that you can’t go wrong for a punk rocker:

1. Converse All-Stars These shoes, “Chucks” as their affectionately called in the punk scene, have been a classic choice for punks in many punk subcultures for years. These shoes are inexpensive, pared down, and purely functional. Coming in many standard colors, the low-top and high-top versions have been popular since the very beginning of punk rock.

2. Vans Old Skools Immortalized in the popular pop punk song “the Vans Song” by Detroit-favorites the Suicide Machines, this shoe had been at the center of punk culture since the early 1970s when skate punks made it their own. With a solid sole and extra stitching, this shoe is durable while still retaining its vintage nostalgia and style. It remains a perfect choice for punks of all stripes.

3. Dr. Martens Doc Martens are inspired by the combat boots originally worn by punks at the beginning of the movement. Laced high and often steel-toed, these boots were meant to convey the message that was at once political and social. “Don’t mess with us” was the creed of the day. This shoe brand and it’s many different styles can’t be discounted as a good choice for punks. While it’s possible to get pairs with 14 eyes, the low-top standard shoe models are a great choice, and are one of the best walking shoes for women. For more about the perfect walking shoes visit this site. A more sporty looking shoe  for women is the Brooks Women’s Ariel Running Shoe. It’s not your typical punk style shoe but it is comfortable.

4. Underground Creeper Originally worn by soldiers in WW2, “creepers” were later brought to the nightclubs of London and then passed on to the punk subcultures inspired by greasers and rockabillies. The Underground brand has a tradition of being well-crafted and uniquely styled. The wedge styles might be a fashionable choice, but if you’re looking for something more functional, the single sole is an excellent style to consider.

5. Puma Clyde From the 1970s, this shoe has brought a straightforward style to the punk shoe aesthetic. Coming from industry-leader Puma, the shoe was originally designed for the basketball market but remains a versatile shoe all around wear. Practical, trendy, and comfortable, these shoes are a top contender as the best walking shoe for women and men alike.