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Classic Punk Metal Band ‘The Ramones’ Share their Mattress Preference

uponamattressRockstars have a very hectic lifestyle, and they rarely get enough sleep before their next tour or show. This kind of lifestyle is no different when it comes to the legendary punk rock band The Ramones. They don’t have the luxury to miss any time to sleep because they are always on the road to entertain fans and sing their songs to the world. Having a very hectic schedule may lead a band to create a song called “I wanna be sedated” because they don’t have enough sleep. Members of The Ramones are also saying that what helps them sleep is a good choice of mattress for their hotel rooms when they tour. Each person has their preference of mattresses, and it’s important that you know what type of mattress is good for you.

Identifying the different types of Mattresses

Memory Foam

Memory foams date back to the early 1970’s when NASA decided to make foam that they can use for their space programs. It wasn’t long enough before the medical world saw the benefits that memory foams provide. They noticed that these foams can work well even when it’s under pressure and that it can react to different temperatures fairly well. Because physicians believed that memory foams are good for back problems, they recommended it to their patients.

Memory foams are a good choice because it molds itself to the shape of a person’s body. This can provide great comfort and support for a person while they sleep. These foams also have a warm sensation that create that cozy feeling that’s important for people to get a good sleep.


This material proved to be useful for bed makers because it allows the mattress to get the mold of a person’s body and provide the ultimate support. This characteristic gives the person a very good comfort level while sleeping. This material, when combined with a good spring and support system can support two people with different weights and make sure they both sleep well.

Latex material proves to be cooler than memory foams, and most of them are hypo-allergenic. People with asthma and any other kinds of allergy can make use of this foam more because it limits bacteria growth, dust mites and fungi.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Each coil is wrapped in a cloth sleeve that can hold the spring at the best amount of tension that allows them to move independently. Because of this technology, each coil will respond to every movement that a person makes during their sleep. Spring mattresses have different counts of springs depending on the manufacturer. You will have a wide choice of spring mattresses that will fit your needs.

The number or springs on a spring mattress is usually indicated on the label. The number of springs on a mattress needs to be accepted in the bedding industry before it is produced. Some people can even have their mattresses customized to how many springs they want it to be there.

Capturing Moments of a Lifetime

I personally love to see the photographs and videos that professional and beginner photographers release after big concerts. The way they capture the set, the emotion on the singers face and even the way their hair is standing up from them dancing around the stage in captivating. Whether or not I was at the concert doesn’t even matter, the photographs and cleverly edited videos put me in awe.

Seeing the memories and emotion photographers capture in these concerts inspired me to use professional photography at my events and for photos of my family. And this has changed the way I have looked at spending money on photography services.

Today, everyone thinks that can be the photographer of all their events. With the simplicity of semi high-quality cameras, and the increasing quality of the cameras in our phones, it is tempting to step away from photographers. We are all looking for ways to save money and we have replaced professional photographers with iPhone’s and self timers. But when you have to spend so much time at your event making sure to get all the photographs you need, it is at question if you are actually making the memories you are capturing.

Professional photographers can spend the time and attention they need on what you are doing, because it is not their event to enjoy or their conversations to have. A professional, hired photographer doesn’t need to make memories at your event, just to capture yours for you. This is the biggest reason why I think every even deserves a photographer.

So where do you find a photographer that is perfect for your events? Right here: Rick Helman has been in business since 1998, keeping the company fresh and up to date on the latest photography trends and equipment. They specialize in weddings and similar events, so if you want photos that express love and happiness, it is time to give them a call.

If you are not located near Rick Helman, are looking for a different style of photography or are on more of a budget, just take a search online. All over the World their are photographers eager to work with you. They usually present their style of photography on online portfolios so you can easily find one that is perfect for you event. If you are on a tight budget look around for student or beginner photographers as they are always looking for a cheap gig to build their portfolio and resume.

Juicing is for Everyone

An important part of caring for our bodies begins with ensuring that we get enough of the proper nutrients to keep things running smoothly. Juicing is a way of combining healthy fruits and vegetables in combinations that deliver a tasty and healthy blend of our favorite flavors in a cocktail of prime fuel for our bodies. If the thought of juicing doesn’t appeal to you yet, give it a try. You may discover that you’ve been missing out on an enjoyable and convenient way to boost your energy levels and treat your taste buds. Because of the wide variety of foods that can be juiced, there is something that is sure to be a hit for everyone from children to grandparents alike.

Benefits of juicing

Juicing provides the micronutrients that help to keep our bodies running smoothly at a cellular level, and it can also aid in the growth and development of new tissue. When using fresh fruits and vegetables that are raw, most of the nutrients are retained when juiced. The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found naturally in fresh fruits and vegetables can help to protect you from a variety of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular illnesses, metabolic disorders such as diabetes, and a host of other diseases that occur due to a lack of proper cellular maintenance.
Another benefit to juicing is that you can create cocktails to suit your individual tastes and health needs. For example, if you enjoy the taste of one fruit or vegetable over the other, you can add more of the things you like, and less of the flavors you’re not as fond of. You’re free to experiment until you have a delicious, healthy blend that suits your tastes. It is also easy to infuse additional ingredients into the juice if you are addressing health issues. A good example of this is adding fruits and vegetables that are rich in phytoestrogens, which act like estrogen in the body, for women who wish to treat the symptoms of menopause. The sky is the limit when it comes to juicing for good health.

Creative juicing for children

What are your children’s favorite flavors? You can encourage them to get their daily servings of fruits and vegetables by making their favorites in juice form. The addition of strawberries, bananas, shaved ice and a scoop of yogurt can be used to make a healthy fruit smoothie that is certain to be a hit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with healthy additions that can add flavor and texture to your juice.

Benefits for athletes

People who work out regularly can benefit from juicing in the same ways that others do. Many athletes also combine supplements that are comprised of multivitamins, creatine and whey protein powders in their drinks. The supplements can easily be added to fruit and or vegetable juices to help increase the body’s absorption of important vitamins and minerals that stimulate the growth and repair of muscle mass. Fresh fruit and vegetable juice augments the body’s nutrition at the cellular level, providing increased energy and stamina for anyone who regularly engages in exercise.

What about the fiber lost by removing the pulp? While it’s true that juicing removes most of the pulp from fruits and vegetables, you can puree it and return some of it back to the juice. This is an excellent solution for those who prefer a thicker juice. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can use the pulp in cooking and baking and still get the benefits of the fiber.

What is the best juicer to use?

Juicers range in price from thirty dollars to five hundred. You don’t need the most expensive or versatile juicer to start out. The best juicer for you depends upon what you want it to do. Some of the higher priced models are designed automatically to add some of the pureed pulp back into the juice, however; this is a task you could complete manually, so it just depends on what you want the juicer to do for you, and what is within your budget.


Juicing is a healthy solution for adding nutritious vitamins and minerals into the diet. It’s also an effective way to add supplemental ingredients to the mix for athletes, women who are treating the symptoms of menopause, children who need to consume more fruits and vegetables, and everyone else of all ages and walks of life.

How to Find the Best Messenger Bag for Your Needs

Messengers have one of the hardest tasks in the business world. They are required to carry sensitive and at times heavy loads and packages from one office block to the other. This usually means they have to walk fast between other pedestrians, at times cycle through heavy traffic in the city or get to carry heavy loads from downstairs to upstairs. The best messenger bags are meant to carry documents and files required by different clients in different offices. Since the messengers have to move from office to office they need to have a stylish, easy to carry, easy to access and diverse best messenger bags. Shopping for a messenger bag can be tricky but below are tips of how to find the best messenger bag for your needs.

Look for durable material

The best messenger bags need to be built with durable material so as to provide longer service to the owner. The best material should be that which can withstand heavy loads of files, can be able to protect an electronic gadget such as a laptop and a tablet from damage. Cheap bags are made with a mixture of nylon and other materials. A bag with this kind of material is bound to give way when carrying around your duties, and it will be embarrassing were it to happen when you are cycling fast between heavy traffic and papers starts to flying around. The best material is canvas since it is durable and can be protected with a waterproof coating. This will provide protection especially when it rains or starts to snow. It is also easy to clean, therefore, saves you time and makes you look presentable. You should also learn how to care for messenger bags according to type of material, for example, leather.

Purchase from reputable traders

Many companies and traders love to make a quick buck. The quick buck is attained when they manufacture and sell messenger bags that are of low quality. This means they don’t care whether you lose sensitive documents when the bag rips apart or lose your job for being careless and losing important files due to poor quality bag. When many shops, they would want to go to renowned labels and up-market stores. If you want to get the best messenger bags, it is important to check those manufactured by small companies. Small companies don’t look at making a quick buck but creating better customer relations. Also, it’s good to check in stores that are specialized in selling messengers bags for a long time since they will be able to guide you in purchasing a durable and stylish bag. Checking for reviews is also a good way to check the sellers for the best messenger bags. www.thebestmessengerbags.com is a good resource to check.

Look at different features a bag offers

Messenger bags are meant to carry sensitive documents and even electronics, therefore, when shopping it is important to have in mind what you would like an ideal bag to have. You can start by checking the number of pockets it has, their sizes, how convenient is it to access items inside them, how deep they are and how secure are they to protect your package. You need to choose those that have zipper pockets for extra security. The wide shoulder strap is important since it is comfortable to place on your shoulder. Make sure it’s adjustable to a length of your comfort. It is important to ensure the bag is double stitched which is proof that it will not give way while at work.

Perfect Gift for Dog Lovers

When you’re looking for a gift for the pet lovers in your life, you have a wide variety of items to choose from. A true pet lover will be overjoyed at a gift that acknowledges this aspect of who they are. We’ve compiled a list of things that will thrill any pet lover, and make your search for the perfect gift a little easier.

Best vacuum for pet hair

Anyone who has dogs, cats, or any other pets with hair is faced with the task of cleaning pet hair off of furniture, carpets and car interiors. This can be a challenging task when using a traditional vacuum cleaner. The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Hand Vac, 33A1 is designed just for the task. This small hand held unit is great for removing pet hair and dirt from the upholstery of couches, chairs using the flexible rubber contour nozzle. A hard nozzle which is easy to switch out is included for cleaning the interior of automobiles. This unit can be purchased for as low as $25.00 and will help the recipient to clean the hair and dirt left by their pet quickly and effectively. It’s one of the best vacuum used for pet hair. Customers who have used this pet vacuum have given it a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars reporting that the suction power in this unit is amazingly strong.

Nostalgia Electrics Doggie Biscuit Treat Maker Kit

Another novel item that is sure to please any dog lover is a doggie treat biscuit maker. This item is available for under $20.00 and will quickly become a conversation piece. The baker comes with six biscuit cutters, decorating equipment and a bin for biscuit storage. People who have used this unit reported that they love the fact that they can make healthy and appetizing treats for their pets while saving money in the process.

Bake-A-Bone Triple Peanut Butter Mix for Dog Treats

This item is an excellent addition to the Doggie Biscuit Treat Maker. Just add water, and the mix makes 24 doggie treats that contain no preservatives. This item can be found on Amazon.com as well as other vendors.

Three Dog Bakery Cookbook: Over 50 Recipes for All-Natural Treats for Your Dog

This hardcover book is available for around $12.00. It contains recipes that include healthy ingredients designed specifically for the health and nutrition of dogs. The six chapters of this unique cookbook for dogs include treats for all occasions including appetizers, entrees, snacks and holiday items.

DEI Leash Holder Wall Rack, “Let’s Go for a Walk”, Black

This leash holder is made of sturdy metal and comes with three hooks for easy storage and convenient access of leashes. It features a flat metal sculpture of a doggie and reminds pet owners that it’s time to take a walk.

Customized Silk Screened Tee Shirt

This is a novel idea for the dog lover in your life. You can take a picture of your dog lover and their pet and have the picture transferred to a tee shirt with a personalized message below. This idea can also be used with sweatshirts, coffee mugs or made into a poster. If you are looking for something quicker and easier, there is a wide variety of pre-printed tee shirts available with sentiments fitting for dog lovers.

A Dog’s Guide to Humans

This novel takes a look at humans from the dog’s point of view. It humorously shares canine tips on training humans for the best results. There is a quiz in the back that helps you to rate your human training skills. This book is a fun read for dog lovers and is available on kindle edition from Amazon.com for just under $3.00, or under $8.00 for the paperback edition.

Dog Lover’s Gift Basket Stack / Pampered Dog Gift Basket Stack

For pampered dogs, this gift basket includes a variety of toys and doggie treats. It includes doughnuts, croissants and a variety of gourmet treats for dogs. If your dog lover enjoys pampering their pooch, this novel item will fit the bill.


There is a large selection of gift items available that are tailored especially for dog lovers. As you browse through the selection of ideas, you’re bound to find the gift that will be a perfect fit for the dog lover in your life. Whether you’re searching for a practical item, such as a dog leash holder wall rack, or a whimsical gift such as a gourmet doggie treat basket, you’re sure to find something that stands out as the perfect gift.

Style and Function: Shoes that Meet a Punk’s Standards

Since its birth in the early 1970s, punk culture had gone through many different phases of its evolution. From Old School crust punks to skater punks with a board in their hand, the subcultures of punk vary in their style and approach, least of all their musical tastes. With so many subcultures, it can be tricky to find just the right shoe to match a punk’s particular aesthetic. However, choosing the right shoe, either for yourself or a friend, needn’t be any more difficult than keeping a few considerations in mind. The first is simplicity.

Most punks prefer simple over complicated styles of clothing. Even if they end up adding their own studs or a pattern swatch to the piece for flare, simplicity carries the day. Second, punks often choose functional shoes that make a political statement. A girl punk might choose a low-cost model from the best walking shoes for women or a new school punk might choose shoes that are comfortable to skate in. Here are 5 shoes that you can’t go wrong for a punk rocker:

1. Converse All-Stars These shoes, “Chucks” as their affectionately called in the punk scene, have been a classic choice for punks in many punk subcultures for years. These shoes are inexpensive, pared down, and purely functional. Coming in many standard colors, the low-top and high-top versions have been popular since the very beginning of punk rock.

2. Vans Old Skools Immortalized in the popular pop punk song “the Vans Song” by Detroit-favorites the Suicide Machines, this shoe had been at the center of punk culture since the early 1970s when skate punks made it their own. With a solid sole and extra stitching, this shoe is durable while still retaining its vintage nostalgia and style. It remains a perfect choice for punks of all stripes.

3. Dr. Martens Doc Martens are inspired by the combat boots originally worn by punks at the beginning of the movement. Laced high and often steel-toed, these boots were meant to convey the message that was at once political and social. “Don’t mess with us” was the creed of the day. This shoe brand and it’s many different styles can’t be discounted as a good choice for punks. While it’s possible to get pairs with 14 eyes, the low-top standard shoe models are a great choice, and are one of the best walking shoes for women. For more about the perfect walking shoes visit this site. A more sporty looking shoe  for women is the Brooks Women’s Ariel Running Shoe. It’s not your typical punk style shoe but it is comfortable.

4. Underground Creeper Originally worn by soldiers in WW2, “creepers” were later brought to the nightclubs of London and then passed on to the punk subcultures inspired by greasers and rockabillies. The Underground brand has a tradition of being well-crafted and uniquely styled. The wedge styles might be a fashionable choice, but if you’re looking for something more functional, the single sole is an excellent style to consider.

5. Puma Clyde From the 1970s, this shoe has brought a straightforward style to the punk shoe aesthetic. Coming from industry-leader Puma, the shoe was originally designed for the basketball market but remains a versatile shoe all around wear. Practical, trendy, and comfortable, these shoes are a top contender as the best walking shoe for women and men alike.